Into The Wilderness




without regulation or control.




a suffix regularly used in forming the comparative degree of adverbs.


noun suffix

: state : condition : quality : degree.

Do you know the feeling when the person you’re into sends you a text saying “we need to talk…” ?Those are some of the worst words to get as a text from someone you’re into. You know the feeling right? What’s worse is when you don’t exactly know what you did. I’ll tell you from experience, that from the time you read those words right until the time you actually speak in person, life is a living hell.

You start thinking about anything you could have possibly done to disturb that person’s peace; creating every scenario the human mind is capable of. Your stomach won’t stop turning. You can’t eat. God forbid you have that person on social media — your heart stops every time her name pops up on your feed. In times like this it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. Until you have the face to face conversation nothing will ease your mind.

That’s what the wilderness feels like.

What is  the wilderness ?

The wilderness is a time of transition. It is the place in between where you are, and where your promise is. It’s the situation in your life that seems to be standing directly in front of you and where you know you are supposed to be. It might be a lifestyle that you know you need to leave behind; or maybe it’s the anger, or pride that’s in your heart that simply can’t go with you to the next level of your life.

Needless to say, the wilderness entails seasons of uncertainty. You will be required to and will certainly have to ask yourself some difficult questions. Asking such questions are never easy, and facing them can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you don’t have the answers, or the right people in your life to guide your heart (see “Pando” for tips on how to examine relationships). It’s important vital for an individual to recognizes their season of wilderness. Failure to understand this season can have catastrophic consequences. Otherwise, you can sabotage your destiny by simply navigating this season incorrectly. It is possible to enter the wilderness and never come out (ask the Israelites that died on their way to the promise land.)

How long does it last ?

Take Egypt and Israel for example - even if you don’t believe in the bible bare with me. After 400 years of enslavement, if all the Israelites knew was captivity, then their identity has nearly been stripped from them. But God promised them that there was a promise land waiting for them. However, they could not enter their promise (destiny, purpose, dream) with the culture that became second nature to them while they were in bondage.

So how did God address that issue ? He had Moses lead his people through the wilderness. It took the Israelites forty years to make it to their promise because, although they’d just come out of Egypt, Egypt had yet to come out of them. God would simply not allow them to enter their promise until they were completely refined. He loved them too much.

What should you expect to find in the wilderness ?


2.) There’s pain involved

3.) It requires trust

Men are intimidated by anything that we don’t have control over. We lust for control and like being in control. I am no different. However, the wilderness teaches us to accept the fact that we are not in control, and there are many things we will never have complete control of. This is still a struggle of mine, and for a long time I did not want to relinquish control. In addition, my fear of pain also delayed my submission to God. I simply didn’t trust Him enough not to hurt me. I felt like He’s always been out to get me. Also, for the most part, whenever I’ve placed trust in others, I’ve been disappointed. (I’m also learning there’s a difference between trusting people and putting my trust in them).

What impact does the wilderness have ?

The wilderness builds character. I am no wilderness expert, and I don’t claim to be, but I made a decision to embrace this season of my life. It hasn’t been easy. There are a lot of things in me that I picked up in Egypt that I don’t want to let go of. However, I am reminded everyday that other people who might not even know me are counting on me. They are counting on me to reach my destiny, because their lives depend on it. I’ve cried, a lot, but I know I am not alone, and I will be better after this.  If I am to impact others for the better I have to become better myself, and there are some issues that I have to deal with.

So I must accept the pain that comes with extracting Egypt out of me. The unhealthy things I’ve inherited from my ancestors can’t come with me into my own family (more on that later).

Personally I made the decision to stop running away from my season of refinement because, I refuse to let Egypt follow me into my promise land. I was born into poverty, but I refuse to let it follow me into my family. I will not allow lust come into my household. I refuse to leave a legacy that others can’t build their lives on. Egypt can’t come to my promise land with me.