Just Imagine

If you are like me, and you grew up in a Christian home, chances are you grew up hearing a variety of bible stories (if you didn’t don’t worry.. I’ll fill you in). If your imagination is like mine, chances are, you fell in love with these stories… the accuracy of these accounts, nor the theology, or etymology of the words mattered (although they become increasingly important the more an individual wishes to understand the word of God).

My imagination was captivated by the thought that there is a God who created the universe simply by opening His mouth and saying “let there be” and it was.

Think about it… God said “and let there be light” and there was light. HOW DID LIGHT KNOW TO BE !? God knew what He wanted, He called them into existence and they came forth! The thought of a God as powerful as the one written about in the bible blew my mind.

But as I grew older, my imagination was challenged. I was asked, and I also began to ask myself…

If I did not grow up in a Christian home, would I believe in God ?

Would I read the bible ?

Would I call on the name of Jesus ?

If millions of my ancestors were not stolen from their homes in the motherland…

Would I have the faith that I have now ?

Would I go to church ?

Would I believe in another god ?

Would I worship a pantheon of gods ?

Would I listen to gospel music ?

How much of Christianity is real ?

After all… the bible was used to subjugate millions of Africans (as well as other colonized nations) and enslave them. These are real life questions!

I must’ve been around the ages of nine and ten, and for the very first time in my life, I had to look at my faith from an unfamiliar perspective. It was a scary thing, because what if the very thing that my hope and future was built on was fiction ?

I am sure that you’ve asked yourself similar questions at one point and time in your life, and maybe you are still asking yourself those very questions right now. We will dive deeper into these topics later on, and to be completely honest I don’t have an answer to some of these questions (yet), that’s why I need you to chime into these conversations (shameless plug for you to post excerpts on social media lol).

However, I can say that I have gotten to a place in my walk with God where my doubts have been settled. He has provided the answers that I need right now, all according to His will. I believe He can do the same for you. Fact of the matter is, facing these questions strengthened my faith in God. As uncomfortable as it was, my faith has matured and my imagination has grown tremendously.

An imagination without boundaries is necessary for you and I to make an impact. If you never ask yourself "what if” when facing a giant, you will never know if you have the capacity to knock him down (ask David).

One thing nobody can ever take away from you are the experiences that you’ve had. No one can invalidate the things that you’ve seen, and my experiences in life lead me to the conclusion that God’s imagination is beyond anything we can comprehend. The things God does and reveals to us goes as far as our imagination will allow. This is an encouragement to you, don’t stop imagining ! God will reveal things to you that you could’ve never conjure up in your wildest dreams. He will reveal as much of Himself to you as your imagination will allow.

Maybe you don’t believe in God. However, the law of imagination remains the same. You will only be as impactful as your imagination allows.

How can you kill Goliath if you don’t take a stand before him ?

Think legacy.

Obed Jean PierreComment