You've Been Lied To

On a previous post (Into the wilderness), I talked about the importance of understanding how to navigate your season of Wilderness; because the impact of the wilderness on your life will either propel you into your destiny (promise-land) or kill you, leaving you short of everything you thought you would accomplish in your life. It’s safe to say that we all want to make it to our land of promise. Therefore, understanding this season is something that we should all seek to do.

When I finally decided to accept [God’s] process I realized parts of me didn’t fully trust that I would make it out of this season undamaged. I feared many things, but what I feared most was being disappointed by God. I feared that if I let go of the situations where I found comfort then whatever God promised me would not be able to satisfy me (a lie). I also feared that my promise(s) would not stimulate me—as opposed to when I took matters into my own hands, even if my decisions were void of the will of God.

I made the decision to let go of somethings yes, but I felt like I was being punished. My internal image of God was distorted, so in letting go of somethings I could not see God as a friend—never-mind a good father. It always seemed like God was out to “get” me, or that He didn’t really care about the things mattered to me. It’s as if whenever I found something I wanted, He came after it. It seemed like He was just waiting for the next opportunity to break my heart.

See I didn’t know it then, but these were all lies that I believed. My vision was clouded because of the lies that I internalized which caused me to become increasingly frustrated with the way my life was going (or not going). As a result I felt a sense of discouragement. I couldn’t see past my feelings, so I began to lose sight of the person I was becoming. All because I allowed my emotions to dictate my walk, which was a result of the lies that I had no idea I was holding onto.

Here are some lies that I believed about myself:

I’m angry

I will always be depressed

I’m inadequate

I’m full of fear

I’m weak

I’m not attractive

My voice is unheard

I’m a forgetful person

I will never be consistent

I will always be prideful

I am not able to truly forgive others

I have no one for myself

I have no one to take care of me

I am forgotten

I have to marry someone so I can prove my worth as a man

“This is the way that I am”

I began to live those lies in one way or another. I thought, “Why leave my state of complacency willingly to walk into a season of uncertainty? That doesn’t make sense. Why live in the will of God if I find comfort in my current state? Why distance myself from the circle of friends who make me feel wanted and loved, even if it means picking up a few bad habits? Why quit my job where I am safe, and chase the dream that’s been placed on my heart without knowing what will come out of it? There’s no safety in that. None of it makes sense! In the words of the Israelites, “It's better to be a slave in Egypt than a corpse in the wilderness! … Was it because there are no graves in Egypt that you brought us into the wilderness to die?”

At least in Egypt I know where I’ll be buried. In my state of disobedience and complacency I feel safe. Isn’t that right ?

Maybe you’ve had some similar thoughts at some point in your life.

Well no. That won’t cut it for me. In this season, I am realizing that making it into the promised land requires me to face the lies that I’ve believed. It requires a shift of posture. I am being required to turn from the way that makes sense, to an unfamiliar path that’s been laid before me. Therefore it requires trust. I’d rather die in the wilderness than live enslaved. I refuse to be another statistic. I won’t settle for another mediocre career, or a marriage on the 50% side of the divorce rate. I won’t be another “boy being a boy”. Nope, I would rather die chasing my dreams and going after my destiny than settle in Egypt. At least if I die in the wilderness, my body can point someone else in the direction of the promise land.

I will no longer believe the lies.

What lies have you believed that are keeping out from entering into the wilderness?

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