Presentation matters!


“You're saying something with your appearance whether you mean to or not,so you might as well mean to.” - Lyle Lovett



The coverings that we wear, and the way we choose to wear them are the first things people see when they lay eyes on us.

So ask yourself these questions:

Who am I ?

Who & what do I represent ?

How does my style portray those concepts ?

Style vs. Fashion

It is important to note that style does not equate to trends- in this case I’ll use the word fashion.

A gentleman’s style emerges from a deep understanding of who he is. His values, what he stands for and the legacy that he wants to leave behind.

When a man begins to approach his style as a visual representation of the things that are most important to him, his focus will sharpen. He will approach every day with intentionality. He will speak with purpose, he will walk in confidence. That man will be comfortable in his own skin, not because of the price-tags or name brand of the coverings that he wears, but because he will have gotten closer to understanding himself.